<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/07/48/28/71/170503020119.jpg?t=1544869189"><br>Savor the rare tree house quality of this home near Steamboat&rsquo;s ski mountain, enchanted by its fresh, upscale interior. As its mystery writer owner intended, revelations abound&mdash;from exquisite copper stove to secluded soaking tub, hushed lower deck, and tucked away rooms. Sweeping views from the main deck peek at the top of the Gondola and take in fireworks, distant landmarks, and the lights of Steamboat below. Night skies are breathtaking, the surrounding forest is a profusion of color and life&mdash;and when snow falls, it&rsquo;s pure magic! Completely, tastefully renovated in 2015, providing a choice setting with distinctive new interior. Convenient to skiing, hiking, dining, and entertainment. <br>